Pandemonium Inside

Motion/eGraphics Design

Client: NFS 4th Yr Film Students

The Brief

Create a film title for a 4th Yr film along with a poster DVD case and online presence.

The brief for this project was to design a film title for clients who were the 4th year film students. Following on from this, a poster and DVD cover as well as ways to promote the film and direct traffic to the film's microsite were also designed.

My film was "Pandemonium Inside the Amy-G-Dala", a film based around a central character losing their emotions and journeying to retrieve them. I chose to focus on the brain aspect of the film, basing my work around the character's journey through his brain. To achieve this I used simple lines, which appear as if you are going through them, to a simple lined brain.


Motion Piece

Movie Poster

DVD Case

Online Presence

Website Takeover


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